Your Personnel
Are Your Greatest Asset

Successful staff recruitment, retention, development and reward makes for a positive, productive and efficient work environment. Inline-HR offers outsourced HR services that will enable you to attract, develop, motivate and manage a strong team.


From small businesses to large corporations, staff costs can be one of the biggest outgoings. To ensure that this expense generates the appropriate returns, it is important that you get the most out of each and every employee and they know what to expect in return. In order to make this possible, you need to invest in your team, with HR playing a key role.


Outsourced HR Services

Beyond complying with legal obligations, HR should be seen as a means of imbedding the vision, values and culture of your business. For this reason, Inline-HR ensures that all actions are consistent with your business strategy, as well as fulfilling legalities.

Inline-HR has been described as approachable, efficient and able to combine specialist knowledge with common sense. We can help you to evaluate your existing HR practices, take immediate action on pending issues, support the implementation of new initiatives or offer an on-going HR resource.

Inline-HR will work with you to identify the specific needs of your business and provide an independent, tailored service that best meets your HR requirements. With our support you can enable every member of your team to realise their full potential and optimise the success of your organisation.


Outsourced HR resource enables you to effectively manage your business requirements alongside the benefit of receiving delivery of a first class HR service.

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USM Inc. have worked with Inline-HR on several projects this year and have always found them to be extremely professional and efficient. What we have appreciated most about Inline-HR was their ability to quickly understand the issues we were facing and to simplify them into manageable projects with uncomplicated implementation schedules. Their knowledge and experience was obvious, as was their promptness and competence in dealing with all our challenges, often at very short notice. Their service levels have always exceeded our expectations. I would have no hesitation in referring Inline-HR to others. They are a first class outsourced resource to have on hand.

Vanessa Chapman, Financial Operations Director

"We have used Inline-HR as our in-house HR solution since 2013. They are thoroughly expert, completely professional, totally approachable, and utterly rooted in sound common sense – and therefore a wonderful asset to our business".

Mark Sheard, CEO, Elevate Retail Solutions

I have worked with Jinny McDermott for over 5 years, as a colleague, as a client and as part of a team that uses and relies on Inline-HR. In my opinion their knowledge and skill in creating structures, policies and procedures for efficiently managing large (and often very challenging) teams is second to none. Other HR providers I have worked with tend to offer a very inflexible service (the law says A so we must do B). What stands Jinny and Inline-HR apart is their knowledge and creativity to ensure that they deliver an efficient solution which meets the employers requirements, whilst successfully navigating the intricacies and red tape of employment law. There is both an art and a science to delivering an effective HR solution, and Inline-HR get it spot on.

Steve Radford, Managing Director - FieldStar Network